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Aus und Weiterbildung

Education and training

Market-leading concept and certified quality

The EWI offers not only a variety of recognized and certified education and training courses for the healthcare market but also state-certified and approved courses.

Success factor number 1 for new and existing projects in the wellness and health sector is the service quality and the professional competence of the employees. That is why the European Institute for Holistic Health (EWI) offers a coherent overall concept in the field of training and further education with a consistent qualification system from the Holisic Health-Consultant (IHK) to the Health-Coach and the Holistic-Health-Manager (IHK) for the participants of the EWI®.

Very high quality standards and practice-oriented training courses guarantee optimal learning success. Decide on your career in the future market of health and wellness and we will offer you the right modules for this. Over 1000 satisfied graduates and many renowned and leading health and wellness companies attest to our excellent work and guarantee you professional security.

The extensive teaching materials have been tested and approved by the State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) or have been developed in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We have strong partners and cooperate, among others, with Wellness Hotels Deutschland (WHD), Weiterbildung Hessen e.V., various chambers of industry and commerce, the Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, etc. Professionalism is more important than ever to be competitive in the future!
The EHHI® is approved for the promotion of professional further education according to the law of employment promotion, thus a cost absorption of the courses by the employment agency is possible.

Distance learning courses

Our distance learning courses are tested and approved by the State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU). Distance learning in Germany is subject to strict state quality control. The state approval means that the course material has been prepared in a professionally sound manner and that its implementation complies with the state conditions for distance learning.


Advantages of distance learning:

It increases your "standing" in the labour market.

Quality of life

You increase your personal quality of life.


You combine paid work with distance learning, which secures your job.


You receive certificates recognized by the business community.


You remain flexible - even if things move too fast for you.


You will receive your starter package for a free 14-day trial without any obligations.


Not only our distance learning courses qualify you successfully for the health and wellness market. Many of our graduates are now working in top healthcare facilities in Europe and we are constantly being asked by leading employers for qualified personnel.

Realize your goals with our part-time continuing education programs! State-approved distance learning provides you with practical industry-specific expertise and recognized qualifications. We look forward to accompanying you on your next career step!

Outlook - This is what you train for

The value of exercise, nutrition and well-being is increasing among people. Work-life balance is the keyword that is in focus these days. In addition, health plays an important role in everyone's life, whether young or old, sick or healthy. Because you have to do something for your health.

The need for qualified personnel is increasing and is therefore becoming more and more important. You can look forward to the following fields of work with one of our further education courses:

Hotels and tour operators, - Fitness and health facilities - Care centers - Clinics - Outpatient and inpatient organizations of geriatric and - nursing care - Sales companies in the fitness and health sector - Educational institutions with a focus on health - Institutions such as health insurance companies, medical associations, - Health offices, etc. - Self-help organizations - Medical and pharmaceutical industry - Self-employment.