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Aus- und Weiterbildung - Ausbildung Gesundheitsberater

Health counsellor (EWI)

Here you will receive all the important information you need to work successfully in the health market. Whether you work in a fitness studio, in the medical field or in the SPA market or sell health products - this course qualifies you to work in the health sector with the aim of advising health customers on numerous health applications and supporting them in the selection of an application. You will then have a sound basic knowledge both in the focus selection of health-oriented products and programs and in areas of active sales and guest-oriented customer care.

Other benefits:

You get a comprehensive overview of the latest health products and applications. You can advise your customers more competently and sell health applications and products better.

You can combine your profession and personal education. You will only learn from home and you will receive 6 high-quality and informative textbooks. In addition, there are webinars that you can participate in.

This course can be funded by the relevant employment agency.

Course contents:

Health market, Selling health professionally, Taking care of health customers properly and retaining them in the long term, Medical knowledge for a successful understanding of wellness, explanation of the various health products and services such as: nutrition, applications, massages and baths, solarium advice, sauna forms, movement and relaxation offers.


6 months - 10 days of block classes (optional comprehensive course material combined with webinars).
Entry possible at any time.

Course fee Health Consultant (EWI):

Monthly 114,- Euro* (6 monthly installments / total price 684,- Euro*).
Includes extensive learning material, webinars and certificate fee.

*The above service is exempt from VAT.